Go nuts with Nigerian Shea body butter

Posted on October 23rd 2015 by Joanne Joseph No Comments

Shea Body Butter imageCommunity fair trade Shea body butter processed in Nigeria, West Africa is of food grade quality and is made by Yoruba tribal women to very high standards. So for our raw, bulk order Virgin Shea butter you can cook with it.

So cooking with it as well as using it as a skin-hydrating cream is of great benefit to you. The more raw and unadulterated, the better the nutrition available for body and skin nourishment. Your inside as well as outside will benefit from this super healing body care and calming balm.

Shea butter will moisturise your skin for a full twenty/four hours and more. It will soothe when in contact with irritable and extremely dry skin, and it will reverse signs of dry, dull and tired aging skin.  Amori Skincare works with producers in Nigeria to make lovely, buttery nutritious Shea body butter for dehydrated, nutrient-needy body and skin.

We wanted to make lots of fantastic, amazing skin healing potential Shea butter with no synthetic material added (often used in cosmetic chemical engineering laboratories in skincare creams) easily accessible to you.  Amori Skincare’s Shea body butter and unrefined Shea butter is as natural as natural can be and this is organic and peace of mind!

When you have nothing mixed, no synthetic preservatives, no fertilisers used you feel relief that you’re not consuming and applying, synthetic, counterfeit junk but nature’s pure gift to your body and skin. Amori Skincare’s Shea body butter is just nutty nutty Shea. It is lots of creamy butter from the nutty Shea fruit that grow wild in Nigeria.

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