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Shea butter, and unrefined Shea A grade body butter for all.

Amori in the English language simply means ‘LOVED’, PRECIOUS and UNIQUE.  It is the name given to a precious and loved infant child. In parts of West Africa Shea butter is referred to as Ori which means ‘Shea’ in the Yoruba language. In Yoruba the meaning of Am-ori Shea is  simply ‘love Ori’ or ‘love for Shea butter’. In Africa Shea butter is an important comodity used for its many healing benefits.

Premium Shea butter is a source of food for many in Africa and it is used as a beauty and healing balm also. We love Ori-Shea and make our body butters purposefully to give you the purest and loveliest Shea butter products that comes from our fair trade cooperatives in Nigeria. We represent our beliefs and our products personify what we believe.

We know Shea butter. In Africa it is referred to as ‘women’s gold’ and is now used by millions of people around the world.  Amori Skincare’s Shea butter and body care products are made to help you achieve your skincare goals the natural way.

Our Shea butter helps you achieve your health and beauty goals

We believe achieving and maintaining a healthy moisture balance in the skin is a serious matter.

We believe the world deserves naturally derived and wholesome skincare moisturisers.

We believe in being truthful about skin health and skincare products and we work carefully with responsible organic farming projects in Nigeria and the rest of Africa to bring you the best grade of unrefined Shea butter and body butters and soaps.

We love how natural products are effective and good for our health. Our mission is to spread good news about alternative natural skincare products and encourage you to take a healthier approach to caring for your skin.

Amori Skincare body butters contain no toxic chemicals / petrochemicals such as parabens, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP/ VA), triethanolamine, petroleum, wax, formaldehyde, silicone, synthetic colours and fragrances. There are no fillers and our promise is to bring you pure skincare products that do your skin good. Your skin will no longer crave the essential nutrients it needs because Amori Skincare butters, oils and soaps are nutritious enough to satisfy your skins health needs.

We have used Shea butter all our lives. We LOVE and cherish Shea butter of the highest grade.  We bring you Amori Skincare’s body care Shea butter because it is not modified or refined. It is pure, high grade with unique healing properties and it’s authentic!


Amori beauty secrets of Africa Shea butters is ethical, sustainable, organic and from fair trade organisations in West Africa.

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