African Black Soap and Yoruba Women

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imageYoruba women had an important role to play when it came to agriculture and trading in pre-colonial Yorubaland. Travelling near and far trading commodities such as peppers, tomatoes, vegetables and African Black Soap in the Western and Eastern African region Yoruba women made good use of the western skills they adapted into income generating ventures.

They travelled from Nigeria and Benin and settled in Togo and Ghana, Mali, Sierra Leone, Guinea selling and training others to make African Black Soap. They were known as ‘Pepper traders’ and the soaps they sold became known as ‘Pepper Traders Soap’. Today African Black Soap is made in Ghana and other West African countries with different ingredients used.

The different regions in West Africa now produce different types of the soap popularly called African Black Soap.
Amori Skincare’s African Black Soap is made directly by Yoruba women who still use age-old formulations and production methods passed down from mother to daughter to produce original African Black Soap in Nigeria and Benin. This makes a significant difference in the end result of the soap.


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