African Black Soap for oily skin

Posted on May 21st 2015 by Joanne Joseph No Comments

Tradional African Black Soap

Tradional African Black Soap

A customer contacted us today to say he had been using my raw African Black Soap product to combat skin that tended to be slightly oily. At first he thought the soap was drying out his skin too fast as it felt slightly tighter.

It is important to persevere as some oily skin reacts this way to African Black Soap. After a few days things should settle down as the excess oils and impurities are gently removed from the skin by the soap.

The soap is very pure and contains no chemicals or ‘bulking agents’. It goes a long way, so use it fairly sparingly (making it great value for money too!)

Even if your skin is naturally oily it may begin to dry too fast. In any case it is a good idea to use our organic Shea Butter Oil to moisturise and nourish after washing your face.

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