African Black Soap

Posted on July 5th 2016 by Joanne Joseph No Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on African Black Soap. Everyone should know by now AmoriSkincare obtains its African Black Soap from Nigeria where it originated.  We are now providing the lighter African Black Soap bar along with the dark version because it comes in both colours. It’s really the ash content or concentration that determines the colour depth.

So we have African Black Soap with a high content of ash and African Black Soap with a not so high content of ash. Both are traditional and the choice is yours. It’s your preference!

Our African Black Soap isn’t always so hard either. We actually have the very solid, hard version soap bar because it has been around longer (nothing wrong with that) and the not so solid form which is more recently made.

It all works the same. The effect is the same. What it both does is remove dirt and makes you feel fresh and clean.  And that’s a feeling you get immediately after using it. It’s the best all natural cleansing soap bar with its original ingredients used way back when made in the beginning by Yoruba women that came out of Egypt many years ago and settled in what is now known to be Yoruba land in Nigeria and Benin Republic.



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