New Amori Pepper Trader’s Soap African Black Soap

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African Black Soap comes in a lighter tone than previously sold by amoriskincare. We have approached an amazing group of women in Nigeria who make the wonderful and magical African Black Soap we call ‘Pepper Trader’s Soap to supply our customers their pure and unadulterated original traditionally-made African Black Soap from Nigeria. earthy. This soap […]


Traditional African Black Soap!

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Pepper Trader’s Soap from Yoruba land Nigeria is the most natural soap and effective cleansing bar for oily skin types. It will get deep down inside your skin and remove dirt from within. It’s the best alternative to benzoyl peroxide and toning treatment for acne skin! It will dry out acne spots and smoothen out […]


Amori Skincare Body Butters

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Shea Body Butter  Kpangnan Body Butter Cocoa Body Butter 50ml


African Black Soap

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on African Black Soap. Everyone should know by now AmoriSkincare obtains its African Black Soap from Nigeria where it originated.  We are now providing the lighter African Black Soap bar along with the dark version because it comes in both colours. It’s really the ash content […]


Traditional African Black Soap 130g

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Traditional African Black Soap from Yorubaland Nigeria is a wonderful soap to use to cleanse your skin and hair.  It’s an amazing natural cleansing bar that actually leaves your entire body feeling totally clean and refreshed.  This bar of soap is used by my entire family. We cleanse with it and use Shea body butter […]


African Black Soap and Yoruba Women

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Yoruba women had an important role to play when it came to agriculture and trading in pre-colonial Yorubaland. Travelling near and far trading commodities such as peppers, tomatoes, vegetables and African Black Soap in the Western and Eastern African region Yoruba women made good use of the western skills they adapted into income generating ventures. […]


Go nuts with Nigerian Shea body butter

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Community fair trade Shea body butter processed in Nigeria, West Africa is of food grade quality and is made by Yoruba tribal women to very high standards. So for our raw, bulk order Virgin Shea butter you can cook with it. So cooking with it as well as using it as a skin-hydrating cream is […]


Less is more!!! Shea ONLY body Butter

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We sell premium Shea butter Shea Body butter for the entire family and household. We want every family member to experience Shea body butter as many have done and still do every day in Africa. We don’t want to mix our Shea body butter with essential oils because we want you to know what only […]