How to minimise enlarged pores and blackheads

Posted on February 27th 2015 by Joanne Joseph No Comments

Blackheads and enlarged pores are stubborn skincare problems that are not easy to treat.  Eliminating blackheads and large open pores on the skin is a tough thing to do. You often find nothing you try works and what does work stops working after a while.  In actuality most people use treatment products that make their skin condition worse.  If you want the best results that will work and keep working you have to come to terms with what is good for your skin and what isn’t.  If you are using the right treatment consistently you should find positive change.

What I suggest is trying the new formulated African Black Soap.  Why? Because it’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t clog your pores like many skincare products do.  It works with your oil producing sebaceous gland to balance its production level.  That means it doesn’t encourage it to produce excess oil causing less irritation to the skin and less oil stimulation.

It’s like a clay mask that absorbs excess oil but does not cause irritation.  It is an oil-absorbing earth clay that can be used daily.  It is loaded with antioxidants and natural ingredients that communicate well with your skin’s epidermis to heal and restore it.  African Black Soap is a well-formulated body and face cleanser that contains important ingredients in its natural state to make your skin become and also look healthy.

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