Less is more!!! Shea ONLY body Butter

Posted on October 3rd 2015 by Joanne Joseph No Comments

imageWe sell premium Shea butter Shea Body butter for the entire family and household. We want every family member to experience Shea body butter as many have done and still do every day in Africa. We don’t want to mix our Shea body butter with essential oils because we want you to know what only Shea butter can do on its own.

So what we do is whip and whip and whip until we achieve a wonderful, dreamy, smooth, buttery texture that can easily be easily applied to your skin. We want you to get used to this natural body cream alternative so it can be one of your daily go-to body cream tubs in your beauty essential collection.

Amori Skincare’s ‘Just Shea’ body butter is available at our online store for the entire household.
We make fresh premium Shea body butter for your body needs and add no other ingredients to it because we want no other ingredient to alter its healing strength and capacity. So our Shea body butter will work because we do not get carried away with mixing it with plenty other ingredients. We do not want to inhibit the ability and effectiveness of Shea body butter by adding a variety of ingredients to it including perfumes etc. We just give you she’s body butter in its isolated state and whip it and then ship it out to you.

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