Shea Butter

Amori Skincare’s Shea body butter is unrefined (organic), super-rich and creamy Shea butter from the Karite nut trees of West Africa. It is premium Shea butter with exceptional moisturising and healing properties. Our Shea butter is extracted using a combination of traditional and cold-processing technique to help retain its nutritional properties. Shea butter is a combination of oleic and stearic fatty acids as well as linoleic, palmitic, linolenic and arachidic acid. It has a natural nutty and sometimes roasted aroma. Amori Skincare offers raw, traditional filtered Shea butter and cold-pressed unrefined Shea butter for both curative and beauty purposes.
Amori Skincare’s Shea body butter is obtained from the nuts that grow in parts of Yorubaland in Nigeria.