pouring red palm oil into a glass bowl

AMORI Skincare Shea Body Butter and African Black Soaps are of the highest grade and quality that exists on the market.

We ensure that our products pass a rigorous evaluation process and are free of preservatives, artificial colours and chemicals. Our products are sourced from fair trade projects in West Africa and meet the highest organic standards. This means that our products not only benefit your skin and body but the environment too.

Organic Shea body butter

The ingredients used in our body care products are indigenous and organic standard – good for both your health and the environment.  They contain pure natural, non toxic plant components that have exceptional healing and moisturising benefits.

Amori Skincare Shea body butter is wild-crafted and cold pressed giving you some of the most extraordinary, natural personal care products available.  Our Shea body butter is raw, cold pressed, unrefined (organic) and food grade.   Our African Black soap contains the indigenous ingredients used in Egypt and our African Black Soap with Shea has more than 50% organic Shea butter. Original African Black Soap is deep chocolate brown in colour. This is because of the traditional processing method used in making the soap.We do not believe in removing the colour of the soap because original African Black Soap is dark (chocolate) brown.

Amori Skincare’s African Black Soap is free from dyes, charcoal, artificial perfumes and animal products you find in mimick versions on the market. It is made the traditional way by Yoruba tribes women in Nigeria, Benin and Togo.  It’s ingredients have been used for thousands of generations by Yoruba women settlers in West Africa.  Amori Skincare’s African Black Soap is an all-natural soap cleanser that is kind to your skin and suitable for everyone.  All Amori Skincare Shea body butters and indigenous soaps are suitable for vegans.


Our Packaging

We believe in sustainability and through our packaging we are able to fulfil our sustainability promise.  We offer a combination of glass jars and bottles and PET high quality, food grade plastic jars and bottles. We use large buckets for our bulk order materials. All of our packaging meet ethical and sustainability standards. They are food grade and Bisphenol A (BPA) free.

For samples please contact customer service at +44(0)2072325101 or send an email to: hello@sheabutterafrica.co.uk.