Shea butter from West Nigeria

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imageShea butter from Oyo State Nigeria produces one of the highest quality Shea butter in the world. All of the characteristics of Shea butter are found in Nigerian Shea butter. There is a place outside Lagos state, different from the bustling city of Ibadan in Oyo state. It is in this remote area outside of Ibadan you find rural women spending hours making Raw Shea butter. Shea butter in this part of Nigeria is called OYO Ori (Ori is the Yoruba name of Shea butter).

Oyo Ori is pure, organic and completely natural.  It melts on touching the skin like butter on bread, spreads fantastically on the skin and is 100% free of additives and chemicals.  It’s perfect to use in skincare formulations and as a body and hair feeding and repairing cream. Oyo Ori Shea is popularly used all over Nigeria and around the world because of its high quality. It is fantastic for returning lustre to skin and hair.  Oyo Ori is considered the best of original Ori Shea because it is made in a unique, old fashioned way.  It is here you find genuine Ori butter made in no other way than the ancient traditional method used by Yoruba women. That means there are no losses with Oyo Ori Shea – only authentic, nutritious grade A Shea for producing healthy skin and hair vitality and more.

Although this butter is produced in many places Amori Skincare use Oyo Ori because it is of high quality. It’s high quality provides excellent moisturising and strong healing capabilities, and the higher the quality the better the healing strength. We just love our Shea body butter because it is sourced from the wonderful Karite ‘tree of life’ that grows wild in Oyo State, Nigeria.

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