Shea butter on skin and hair

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Shea butter has been used for many generations by African people as a source of food and for beauty purposes. We now know why many Africans used Shea butter and still use it today. We are aware of the effect it has on the skin and inside the body and the overall nutritional benefits it provides. This and more makes this natural and rich butter a phenomenal product for our health and beauty needs.

Shea butter is used on newborn babies in a variety of ways and for a number of purposes in Africa. It is also used amongst elderly men and women to soften dry skin and relieve muscle aches and pain.
I remember my grandmother using Shea butter as a moisturiser after bathing. I vividly recollect she would massage it into her skin over and over until she was satisfied her skin was well moisturised. I watch her take time to massage her skin with unrefined Shea butter, and her skin looked amazing!

The glow on her skin was one thing I could not forget. Her skin appeared soft, felt soft and it was radiant looking. It wasn’t oily nor was it shiny but clear, even toned and it looked healthy.
I remember also whilst living in the Bronx side of New York City a lady I met through an acquaintance had this same ‘look’. Her skin appeared soft, it had this velvety look and it was clear and glowing. I asked her what moisturiser she applied to her skin because I was attracted to the softness I saw, the glow and the clear and even toned skin she had.

It was unusual for me because her skin spoke health right at me. She had no make up on her face yet her skin was radiating and looking fantastically soft, youthful and vibrant. And she mentioned unrefined Shea butter. Her secret was Shea butter had been the only single ingredient she used on her skin but she also used it on her long tresses too.

Now we know that Shea butter was used extensively for cooking and yes we agree it’s great for the skin but I never thought of Shea as a good hair pomade. Let’s fast forward to 2015. I was struggling with finding the right moisturiser to use on my natural tightly coiled hair(Shea butter can be used on all hair types).
I tried expensive brands in stores around London and online but my hair wasn’t getting was drying. So one morning I grabbed the Shea butter mix I had (no water) just couple of oils and began applying it from root to tip of my sectioned hair.

I started at the back and worked my way up. I bathed my hair in Shea butter and as I went along I used my fingers to detangle my hair. My hair was getting stretched at the same time massaged, and when I was done I placed my hair in a band and covered it up with a scarf.

I removed the scarf the following morning to find my hair flattened, well moisturised and looking smooth. My hair was now fully moisturised for more than an hour (for days) and I have repeated this style and simple method again and again. I didn’t have to use gel to flatten my hair, and a variety of other products to achieve a great smooth look.

I just used Shea butter. I was astounded. I now bathe my natural, kinky, coily hair in Shea butter and wrap a scarf around it and I’m good to go. Simple and effective. Using the butter on the skin gives your skin what high street, top skincare cream brands cannot give.

Similarly applying Shea butter to hair also does what high end, hair care brands do not do. It is completely natural and safe to apply to your skin and hair and it is highly effective and of great benefit. It is not synthetic but a natural beauty secret of Africa that has now been revealed to the world.

It is an amazing single ingredient butter suitable for daily use. It saves time and energy and doesn’t lie. Shea butter is the most effective skin and hair product I have ever used that does the most amazing things to your hair and skin. Wonders will never cease with this unrefined, non synthetic non chemical infused butter pomade and balm all in one.

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