Traditional African Black Soap 130g

Posted on November 21st 2015 by Joanne Joseph No Comments

Traditional African Black Soap from Yorubaland Nigeria is a wonderful soap to use to cleanse your skin and hair.  It’s an amazing natural cleansing bar that actually leaves your entire body feeling totally clean and refreshed. 

This bar of soap is used by my entire family. We cleanse with it and use Shea body butter or any other of the body butters in the Amori Skincare body butter range to moisturise. It’s as simple as that and we all look fabulously natural and have fresh looking skin.

There’s now more to use for the same price. You have an extra 15g added to the 115g bar of soap. Amori Skincare’s African Black soap bars are now 130g and no more 115g. Enjoy!!




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