Shea butter (pure and unrefined)

Amori Skincare pure unrefined body care Shea butter will moisturize, soften, soothe and protect your skin from harsh weather elements and  photo aging.  Amori Skincare body care Shea butter are formulated to nourish and restore the skin. 

Amori Skincare provide ethical, sustainable, organic and fair trade pure and unrefined Shea butter for skin health and beauty.  Our pure body Shea butter is obtained from nutritious plant oils from West Africa.

It contains no toxic chemicals / petrochemicals i.e. parabens, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP/ VA), triethanolamine, petroleum, wax, formaldehyde, silicone, synthetic colours and fragrances.


Amori simply means LOVED, PRECIOUS, UNIQUE.

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AMORI Skincare Shea body butter and African black soap is of the finest quality.

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How is African black soap made? What are the ingredients used?

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