What you can use Shea butter for

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Here’s a short list of what you can use Shea butter for:-

  1. Unrefined Shea butter as a body butter is an excellent emollient that can be used as an all-over body moisturiser. That means you can use it on your scalp, hair, face, hands and entire body.
  2. Shea body butter using unrefined Shea butter can be used as a healing balm. If you have irritating skin condition or an open wound you can apply unprocessed, unrefined Shea butter to help promote faster healing on scrapes or cuts and calm down irritation.
  3. Shea body butter actually helps keep your skin less irritable whilst shaving due to its rich moisturising, softening and calming effect on the skin. You can use Shea butter as a pre shave cream and post shave balm (It adds ample moisture and reduces irritation caused by razor burns).
  4. Shea butter is a natural balm that can be used as a massaging cream. It is great for muscle aches and pain. Shea body butter made using unrefined Shea butter can work effectively on joints pains and stiffness. (It help bring relief to aching area of the body).

Amori Skincare Shea body butter is unrefined Shea butter and food grade Vitamin E. It is completely effective on a variety of skin conditions and will help alleviate stubborn skin problems.

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